Parenterals: multiplicity of products, multiplicity of packaging

Parenterals are sterile preparations which are intended for injection, infusion or implantation into a human or animal body. Their possible uses in medicine as preparations for injection or infusion, as well as powders, concentrates and gels for the production of injection and/or infusion preparations and implants are many. This also applies also to their forms of administration. In addition to conventional forms such as ampoules and vials for use in syringes, new forms are constantly being developed for the market. They include turboinhalers, disposable syringes, pens, electronically controlled injection systems, needleless systems or portable infusion pumps.


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The growing multiplicity of parenteral medicines imposes new dimensions in the variety of packaging. In addition to safe and reliable packaging of their high-value parenterals, pharmaceutical companies and contract packagers have for a long time been demanding machines which can also cope with challenging geometries and which can package these economically and flexibly.

Mediseal has faced up to this development. The versatility of Mediseal's deep-draw blister machines enables flexible, safe and economical packing of challenging and high-quality parenterals.

Deep-draw blister machines