For more productive time: Mediseal presents new BE Blister Series at interpack

New operating concept, new development approach, new HMI. With the BE Blister Series, which Mediseal will be presenting for the first time at interpack, the company is breaking new ground. The common denominator: achieving even more productive time even more quickly for customers.

The circulating blue line maps the flow of product through the machine and as it narrows it symbolizes the merging of the product. In the event of faults, it serves as an illuminated display element to provide rapid assistance to the operator.

"More productive time and joy in production “- by applying this watchword, Mediseal has broken new ground in designing the new Blister Series - in development, design and control concept.

The entire front of the machine opens, for optimal change-overs, cleaning and maintenance. When it is open, neither pillars nor supports obstruct access to the machine

At interpack 2017 Mediseal will present for the first time its brand new BE Blister Expert. The company has incorporated more than 80 years of experience of blister technology into the latest generation of its blister lines. In its development of the equipment and the operating concept, the company is breaking new ground. The machine has been developed to be perfectly modular and can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of individual customer variants. At each stage of the process, the watchword was “More productive time and joy in production”.

"More production in the same time. This can be achieved only through higher speeds or greater efficiency. With the BE Blister Series we have therefore concentrated on improving overall equipment effectiveness, which is one of our customers’ key concerns", explains Borja Guerra, Mediseal’s Sales and Marketing Manager. This performance indicator, abbreviated to OEE, encompasses the availability of the equipment, the output it achieves and the quality of the products manufactured on it. Guerra continues: "With our BE Blister Series, the focus is on the significant increase in machine availability. It means we can now offer our customers even more productive time."

Mediseal has been able to achieve this by shortening and simplifying change-over and cleaning processes. Change-over times have been optimized by significantly reducing the parts involved in a change-over. Furthermore, minimal settings are required on the part of the operator, who can perform his or her tasks more quickly thanks to the simplified accessibility to all areas.

This also benefits cleaning times, which have been further shortened thanks to an ingenious cleaning concept. Rounded corners and the comprehensive avoidance of dirt traps are just two examples of the implementation of GMP requirements at the design stage. Overall, the machine is therefore also ideally suitable for many different formats.

Mediseal achieves 'joy in production' by means of a brand new, modern design and operating concept for the equipment. A white frame structure encompasses the work area. In its lower section, this also provides the grip to open the covers. A circulating blue line maps the flow of product through the machine and as it narrows it symbolizes the merging of the product. In the event of faults, it serves as an illuminated display element to provide rapid assistance to the operator. To ensure optimal visibility, all the technical function modules are kept plain and simple. The new design with its smooth surfaces and rounded corners can be cleaned easily and quickly.

The machine is accessed via the complete front of the machine and so can be optimally reconfigured and cleaned. All the covers open upwards ergonomically, with the pivot point right at the back. In the open state, neither pillars nor supports obstruct access to the machine: for absolute transparency and ease of access to all stations. The machine is operated via Mediseal's own HMI. The control console consists of a high-grade aluminum housing; all functions, as well as the monitor, are under a recessed glass panel. The uninterrupted smooth surface of the full HD multitouchscreen meets all GMP and cleaning requirements.

The operating concept is based on self-explanatory symbols. Operation is task-oriented, using jobs. The current job is represented as a sequence of actions, through which the operator is safely guided. All relevant information is centrally displayed. In conjunction with a graphic fault display, training on the machine is significantly simplified. Since tasks differ from one pharmaceutical company to another, the customer can modify or add to pre-defined jobs and amend the relevant information or create new ones.

The BE Blister Expert was the first machine developed by the company using a totally modular approach. The new modular design, which received the Modularization Readiness Award in 2016, means that Mediseal can significantly reduce delivery times for the equipment in comparison with the times the market is used to. The company gives its customers shorter delivery times - along with faster time-to-market for new products.

The Blister Expert will be introduced to a professional audience for the first time at interpack 2017. In Hall 16, on Booth A25, visitors can see the new equipment in production as it blister-packs syringes.