Mediseal successfully launches two world firsts at interpack 2017

Mediseal's two world firsts - the BE Blister Series for blistering parenterals and the P5000 high-speed cartoner - were greeted with great interest by the audience of professionals. Both of the machines exhibited at the fair were sold during interpack 2017.

The modern, functional design of the BE Blister Expert, its sophisticated GMP-compliant cleaning concept and a control concept perfectly matched to the individual needs of the operator impressed visitors to interpack.

With the new P5000 high-speed cartoner, Mediseal has once again acknowledged the needs of the market and developed a cost-effective solution for its customers.

Mediseal's P5000 high-speed cartoner

At interpack 2017 Mediseal very successfully placed two world firsts on the market. The new BE Blister Expert blister series, for producing blisters with very large draw depths and ideally suited for blistering syringes, ampules, vials and pens, and the P5000 continuous high-speed cartoner were greeted with great interest by the audience of professionals. Both of the machines were sold in the course of the fair. The P5000 cartoner will go into production in China in combination with a CP600 blister machine and the BE blister machine is going to Spain. In addition, another BE was sold to Algeria.

"Our visitors at the fair were full of praise and confirmed that the two new products not only met the wishes and requirements of the market, but also represented ideal, cost-effective solutions", says Borja Guerra, Mediseal's Head of Sales and Marketing. Mediseal has recognized a need in the market for even faster cartoners. "With the P5000 high-speed cartoner we can now offer the right solution for our high-performance blister machines – a complete solution from a single source", says Guerra.

In addition to higher production speeds, the efficiency of a machine has effects on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Consequently, in the case of the second world first, the BE Blister Series, the focus is on significantly increasing machine availability. Above all, it is faster and simpler change-overs and cleaning which make the difference. The number of parts involved in a change-over has been significantly reduced. Furthermore, only minimal settings are required on the part of the operator, who can perform his or her tasks more quickly thanks to the simplified accessibility to all areas.

This also affects cleaning times, which have been further shortened thanks to an ingenious cleaning concept. Rounded corners and the avoidance for the most part of dirt traps are just two examples of the implementation of GMP requirements at the design level.

"When we were developing the BE, we worked under the banner of "More productive time and joy in production", explains Ulf Leineke, Mediseal's Head of Research & Development. “We were able to keep the first part of our promise primarily by means of the simplified, fast cleaning procedure and shorter product change-over times." In the case of small lot sizes in particular these are a prerequisite for consistently high machine efficiency. Mediseal achieves 'Joy in production' by means of a brand new, modern design and operating concept for the equipment. Fast orientation and an optimal overview, outstanding accessibility to all areas and optimal support in the respective job stages make the operator's work easier. "Our customers were full of praise and appreciation for both the new machine design and the sophisticated control concept", explains Borja Guerra. "A lot of them said to us that the BE is the finest, most modern blister machine at interpack 2017. Fantastic appreciation that we have done our very best.“ One customer's opinion made the point perfectly: "This makes mechanical engineering fun again!"

The P5000 high-speed cartoner will also be seen in South America in the near future. It will be presented to visitors to FCE Pharma in Sao Paulo, in line with a CP600 tablet blister machine. You can find further information about both solutions at