Packaging surgical suture material: Mediseal opts for smart products and semi-automatic solution

Compamed 2017: For an efficient packaging of surgical suture material, Mediseal offers customers a solution combining proven deep-draw blister technology and the use of data matrix codes on the cartridge. Next to a fully automatic solution, Mediseal now offers a semi-automatic machine with manual infeed of the surgical suture material.

With the semi-automated solution, the machine operator inserts the surgical suture material manually into the automatically deep-drawn bottom foil.

For packaging of surgical suture material Mediseal relies on its experience of deep-draw blister packaging of products. A Mediseal CP500 is used; it has been individually adapted to the special requirements imposed by suture material.

Overview packaging process of surgical suture material on a Mediseal deep-draw blister machine.

Caption: With the LSC© Late Stage Customization concept, data matrix codes ensure that, despite clever bundling of small packaging lots, the correct product is finally printed with the country-specific information.

Mediseal, a leading manufacturer of primary and secondary packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, will again be represented at Compamed. From 13 to 16 November 2016 the company will present its solution for packaging surgical suture material at the trade fair for medical pre-production products.

Surgical suture material is packaged safely and efficiently in blisters, on a proven deep-draw blister machine. With this type of packaging, products are not only protected from (UV) light, humidity or harmful temperatures; they are also fed extremely gently through the equipment, avoiding damage during the packaging process.

Mediseal offers both a fully-automated solution and a machine with manual infeed of the products. By applying a data matrix code to the cartridge, the production process becomes more flexible allowing to package even small lot sizes efficiently. Using the information stored in the data matrix code, the production order is picked automatically from the customer's database. The print layouts stored there are printed inline on the corresponding blister. In this way multiple very small batches can be produced simultaneously on the same equipment. Manual control or intervention by the operator is eliminated, as are conversion times.

The semi-automated solution bases on a proved CP2 deep-draw blister machine. The bottom foil is deep-drawn on the machine and surgical suture material is inserted manually. Afterwards, the lidding foil is sealed with the base foil and the product is sterilized. Appropriate films such as aluminium or Tyvek are used for safe sterilization of products.

At Compamed, Mediseal will be informing its visitors about these and other packaging topics on Stand D07 in Hall 8a.