Trend-setting blister machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Short production times, flexible solutions and the best quality are daily requirements in the competitive environment of the international pharmaceutical industry. The consistent modular design of our blister machines enables machines to be tailored flexibly to your needs. Modular construction means clear separation of zones and optimal accessibility to the different areas. Even difficult materials can be processed reliably and in accordance with GMP standards. Several hundred machines world-wide testify to this successful approach.

Our blister machines are designed to meet the following requirements of the pharmaceutical industry: 


Blister solutions

Overview blister and cartoning machine

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For clinical studies and small lot sizes

CP200 blister machine for clinical trials and small lots.

Today, in times of ever faster changing markets, efficiency and flexibility are more important than ever before. And lot sizes are continuing to fall. Thanks to the CP200 blister machine’s reliable and modular technology, in conjunction with the P1600 cartoner, you can respond to the pharma market's new requirements at any time. Change formats in record time or take advantage of the unmatched conversion option between platen and roller sealing. With a machine output of up to 300 blisters per minute.

The advantages

  • Compact balcony construction for a minimum footprint
  • Efficient packaging of small and very small lot sizes, thanks to format changes taking less than 30 minutes
  • Switching from platen to roller sealing
  • Small format part costs for a wide range of formats, for example for the production of clinical trial samples

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For classic applications

CP400 - classic one-lane blister machine for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

With the CP400, Mediseal offers a high-output single-track blister machine. Continuous improvements have made this machine a proven product for the pharmaceutical industry. All areas are high-visibility, easy to access and quick to clean. Its consistent GMP concept offers maximum production safety, with an output of up to 400 blisters per minute. In conjunction with the P3200 cartoner, the machines can be assembled into a compact line.

The advantages

  • Modular construction for clear layout and demarcation of zones along the line
  • Servo-motor driven discharges allow precise positioning of blisters before sealing, cutting and perforating
  • Fast format changes (less than 45 minutes) with central format data management for maximum flexibility
  • A minimum of format parts
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Direct product transfer to cartoners (with no intermediate stacking units).
  • A wide range of configuration options, such as base film storage for roll changes without stopping the machine


Overview CP400 blister machine

Machine poster

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For high output, 1- or 2-track

CP600 - one-lane or two-lane blister machine for high output.

The CP600 blister machine and the P3200 cartoner are perfectly matched in terms of price and performance. For particularly economical packing of solids. The compact, space-saving line reliably achieves an output of up to 600 blisters per minute, with high machine availability (OEE). Thanks to high-precision digital servo technology, flexible conversion is also an option.

The advantages

  • High-performance in the 1-lane and 2-lane segment of the market
  • A compact, space-saving solution
  • Alu-alu pre-stretch station can be adjusted at the press of a button
  • High productivity and machine availability
  • Transfer from blister machine to cartoning machine requires no format parts (no stacking units)
  • Simple tools, no mechanical modifications
  • Roller and platen version available
  • Low, predictable follow-on investments thanks to minimal requirement for format parts


Overview CP600 blister machine

Maschine poster

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For maximum output and a large format width

CP1200 - High-performance blister machine, 2-lane or 3 lane, suitable for large format ranges and special applications

With its 320 mm film width and a draw-off length of 285 mm, the CP1200 blister machine can handle an extremely wide range of formats. Even the largest blisters are suitable for two-track operation. At the same time it protects blisters with its platen sealing system. In combination with the P3200 cartoning machine, the CP1200 can be extended to form a high-output pharma line.

The advantages

  • High-performance in the 2-lane and 3-lane segment of the market
  • A very wide range of formats, thanks to 320 mm film width and a 285 mm draw-off length 
  • Especially suitable for large-format alu-alu blisters and special applications
  • Platen sealing ensures gentle blister handing
  • A sealing station which can be validated
  • Simple tools, no mechanical modifications

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