Cartoning machines for the pharmaceutical industry

For all its primary packaging machines Mediseal offers perfectly matched cartoning machines which have been developed for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The high-speed cartoning machine P5000 and the flexible P3, P1600 and P3200 cartoning machines make it possible to extend a blister machine, a deep-draw blister machine, a sachet machine or a stickpack machine into a high-performance line.


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NEW! P3 cartoner: in perfect company with Blister Expert

The P3 continuous cartoner is ideally suited for large packs (up to 150 x 110 x 200 mm) and can also produce smaller packs with high output (up to 300/min) thanks to simple, fast format changes. The direct transfer of the blisters from the blister machine to the cartoner avoids open tapes or buffers such as stacking chutes. The automatic false blister compensation guarantees correct stacking at all times. Optimum visibility and accessibility from transfer to insertion and closure make format changeover, cleaning and line clearance easy. The cartoner is perfectly matched to the upstream BE Blister Expert.

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The continuous high-speed cartoning machine P5000 offers an extensive format range (maximum folding box size of 90 x 110 x 200 mm resp. 150 x 110 x 200 mm) and is designed to handle up to 500 cartons per minute (with 120 mm separation). The cartoner is perfectly matched to the Mediseal primary packaging in the upstream packaging process. Its modular design allows later integration of additional functionalities and makes the machine future-proof.

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P1600 & P3200 cartoning machines

Our flexible cartoning machines are designed for small and medium batch sizes. Their intermittent working method means they need minimum space and few format parts. The consistent servo concept enables virtually all pharmaceutical products to be cartoned at a speed of up to 300 cartons per minute. Their modular construction also allows later integration of additional functionalities and makes the machine future-proof.

CP200-P1600 blister packaging and cartoning line
P1600 cartoning machine

Line cartoner or general-purpose cartoner

In the line environment, blisters are transferred directly from the Mediseal blister packaging machine or the BIB-BOB logistics module to the cartoning machine. Stacking units - and filling and emptying them - become unnecessary, along with format parts. The position of the blister in the line is documented at any time in the shift register. Any number of blisters – up to the maximum height of the carton – are stacked in front of the feed station and pushed into the carton together with the folded leaflet, without touching the carton. Using servo technology, the cartoner P1600 can even realize high volume packaging by supplying several stacks of blisters next to each other or in a row.* (* Patent pending.)

For easy connection of cartoners with Mediseal sachet machines, Mediseal has developed transfer systems which can be adapted quickly to different bag formats. Up to 25 sachets can be stacked flexibly and directly in the cartoner’s cell-type conveyor chain using a “pick & place” system.

In the case of use as general-purpose cartoning machines, special feed and insertion systems allow packaging of vials, inhalers and other special products manufactured by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The advantages

  • Fast conversion thanks to excellent accessibility
  • Minimum downtime, with easy, fast cleaning
  • A reliable process thanks to digital metering units for precise adjustment on format changes
  • Flexibility: teach-in process for different leaflet lengths

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Erk Wolters

Phone: +49 5207 888-105

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