Meeting the challenges of the future by providing the right solutions

The megatrends of globalisation and individualisation are making their mark on the demands placed on our customers and ourselves. Packaging very small lot sizes economically.  Technical and economic solutions to comply with ever more demanding containment requirements for packaging solids. Bringing new forms of products to market quickly and with a focus on the customer. Mediseal approaches these challenges as a provider of comprehensive solutions. With the aim of making things safer, more cost-effective and simpler.

Containment solutions for solids

From controlled ventilation (laminar flow) to complete isolation of corresponding production areas (high containment). Mediseal offers its customers containment solutions which are tailored exactly to their needs for packaging solids.

Containment solutions for solids

Mediseal offers more than ten years of experience in the safe packaging of high potent solid drugs.

Universal solid feed systems

Mediseal's dosing systems give you the flexibility and diversity you need for packaging your pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Even unusual product shapes can be fed reliably and efficiently to your particular system.

Dosing systems

Packaging small lot sizes

Falling lot sizes, shorter time-to-market, improved equipment efficiency? These are factors which no longer have to be mutually exclusive. With its small lot solutions, Mediseal applies an integrated approach in terms of machines, equipment and the supply chain as a whole.

Efficient packaging of small lots


New forms of administration, challenging contents, unusual geometries – the requirements for packaging parenterals are many and varied and they demand packaging systems with a high level of flexibility as well as maximum reliability.


Stickpack solutions

Speed, mobility and flexibility define people's daily routine as it becomes ever more irregular. Convenience is therefore becoming more and more often a key requirement for taking medicines too. Taking medicines must be a quick and uncomplicated affair, even when people are on the go. Stickpacks are the ideal packaging to meet this requirement. But they are much more besides.